Banded Dotterels – protection for nesting birds

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We have been busy keeping an eye out for our little-banded dotterels who come to nest on the Okarito Beach each year. It’s been a difficult spring so far with some big seas, strong winds and cool temperatures, however, the two nests we have had roped off this season have each produced chicks.

This signage was produced for us in conjunction with the Department of Conservation and enables visitors & locals alike to view the birds while on their nests and learn of updates which we mark on the signs every few days.

Banded Dotterel in OkaritoWe have gone from the birds on the nests to successful hatchings on both nests – Nest 1 has 1 chick and Nest 2 has 3 chicks – each had 3 eggs, to begin with, we are unsure of the fate of the 2 other eggs from Nest 1.

It’s fabulous now to see the little chicks racing around on the Okarito beach – they will soon move inland a bit onto our local airstrip where they enjoy feeding as they get older, then once fully fledged will head onto the tidal flats of the Okarito Lagoon where we observe them from the boat.

We enjoy doing what we can to help these tenacious little birds! You can see more photos on our facebook page.

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