Perfect day on the Okarito Lagoon (before the storm!)

 In Nature

Well, we have had quite an interesting spring here in Okarito with some wild and windy days and plenty of rain.  A huge Antarctic storm has unleashed its fury and most of the country is seeing cold temperatures, wet weather and a lot of wind.  Just before it descended upon us, we spent a lovely day on the boat, in shorts and short sleeves.  We had stunning views of Mount Cook and Tasman and the Southern Alps.  We saw a good variety of birds including white herons, now into their breeding season and beautiful with their plumage and jet black bills, Paradise ducks, white fronted terns, Australian black swans, shags and lots of bellbirds.   During these days of wet spring weather, these few pics should remind us all what an incredible place this really is – hope you enjoy!

Okarito Lagoon and Southern Alps

Black swans in flight over Okarito Lagoon

Great White Heron – Kotuku in flight at Okarito

Southern Alps majestic over Okarito Lagoon and White Heron

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