words from our guests…

email received January 31st, 2011

Dear Paula and Swade,

We are now back on the other side of the world, and are busily sorting through the photos.

As promised, I am sending you the copy of the wood pidgeons up in the tree, plus a couple other photos, that I thought you might like.

It was a really lovely afternoon out on the lagoon (13 January), and we want to thank you very much indeed. Your friendly and welcoming service was fantastic and our hopes to see the White Heron were topped with added extra sitings. Thank you!

We wish you both a great summer and continued success.

Alice and Hans Rummer

email received January 2011 from Brian Orr of Lanark, Scotland:

Hi Swade
One of my lasting memories of New Zealand will be the boat trip with you on Sunday 9 January 2011. Unforgettable !! Let me share some impressions with you.

Okarito Lagoon

Kotuku with a catch

The boat slipped slowly
Into the lagoon
And soon we were gliding
Gently against the tideTo the side a white heron
Stalked his prey
Tall, erect, elegant
Then crouched, ready to pounceAnd every ounce of his being
Focussed on the water
As we slipped past
Voyeurs to the scene

It might have been 5 minutes
When suddenly they emerged
The mountains, rising high
Snow capped, alpine peaks

Nature speaks to us
Whispering in the air
As we stare
At black swans in full flightA sight equalled only by
Spoonbills hoovering around
As stilts delicately strutted
On the wet wonderlandSwade helped us understand
The mysteries of this land
Sharing his own take
Of the present and the past

At last the jetty was in view
And few would disagree
That we had witnessed scenes
Of Okarito – land of dreams.

comments from Gonfishn’ Beach House guestbook…

Okarito Lagoon and Southern Alps

Jan 7/8, 2012

Glorious spot, glorious weather & such a comfortable home – we all slept so well.  Boat Tour fabulous – early so got mountain reflections.  Thank you, Sue, Tim, Jess & Jack – Brisbane

Dec 4, 2011

Great to find another pocket of paradise.  We are so lucky to find this place and had a great weekend.  Thanks Paula for your hospitality!  Loraine & Graeme – NZ

Nov 16, 2100

Thanks a lot for this very special and nice evening in far away New Zealand & for your warm welcome! Unforgettable! – France

March 12, 2011

A lovely stay in this captivating place – we had lovely boat & nature tours & spotted a kiwi with Ian & Paul at almost midnight! Thank you – Pat & Jean ps. appreciated tea & coffee Paula & your help with booking flight – thank you again.

March 20, 2011

Thanks for sheltering us in “shakey” times for Christchurchians!! you have a lovely home!! hope to return here again… J. – Christchurch, NZ

March 3, 2011

4 crazy people from Poland wants to give you many thanks for letting us spend a night at your home.  Excellent fun. Great Place! BT – Warszawa, Szczecin

Feb 28-Mar 2, 2011

Its rare to feel so at home in a place we can only spend two days, especially when we’ve been away from our homes for more than four weeks, but we all felt welcome and at home here.  Thank you for  lending your time and to tell us about this special place and for letting us explore the beautiful landscape, we were all able to find peace here.  Thank you so much.  USA

comments from Kiwi Cottage guestbook…

Dec 31, 2011

Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing stay in special part of NZ. Great little bach and Paula very welcoming and helpful.  – The Smarts

Dec 24-27, 2011

Relaxed xmas break in comfortable bach.  Sounds of pounding surf and morepork (native owl) at night, fantastic! … Several walks, kayak trip and boat ride with Swade on morning of our departure will make this an unforgettable break.  Many thanks…M. V. & H. – NZ

Oct 3, 2011

What a place to relax!! The beach, the bush, the lagoon, the birds and the Kiwi Cottage!  Thank you for the opportunity to share in your piece of paradise.  Nick & Mel, NZ

Feb 26, 2011

What a beautiful day, with wonderful people in a lovely little town.  C&R, Munich Germany


Dec 28, 2010

“We had such a lovely time here in this wonderful, cozy home.  It’s the only place we’ve stayed in these last 3 weeks that actually feels like “home”! The fireplace made the night perfect for us.  Thank you for such a memorable, delightful time in Okarito!  B&R…NY, NY USA

Feb 2, 2011

“It’s the simple things in life that matter most of all”, never a truer word spoken! We have had 3 wonderful days in Okarito and feel very lucky that we, as a family, got to enjoy such a pristine slice of NZ.  The cottage was clean and well equipped, fabulous…” Nikki, Jamie, Jacob & Leon Wellington NZ

Feb 26, 2011

“What a beautiful day, with wonderful people in a lovely little town”…C&R Munich Germany

March 2, 2011

“Wonderful finish to our Heaphy Track hike.  Thank you for putting the fire on for us…sooooo nice to arrive to a cosy feeling place.  Love Okarito and the warm hospitality.”….Scott, Ewen & Heather Maui Hawaii & Queenstown, NZ