Winter on the West Coast

 In Nature

Winter on the West Coast is generally much warmer than the central South Island, or east coast.  We are now enjoying beautiful sunny days and very still calm waters.  Our wonderful weather has also provided us with gentle seas and a walk along Okarito Beach rewarded us with sighting two Hector’s Dolphins feeding very close into shore.

The birdlife is great as many of the forest birds come down to lower areas as the snow and colder weather creeps down the mountains.  There is a lot of fantail and fernbird activity in and around the village and in the forest waterways of Okarito Lagoon, as well as bellbirds and countless silvereyes.

On the water we are seeing white herons feeding – these birds will likely be with us year round now.  One in particular is a regular around the historic Wharf where our trips depart from.  He seems quite happy to have his photo taken!

Winter in Okarito is a blissfully quiet and serene time to visit.  Our regularly scheduled trips can be customized to suit your itinerary, so feel free to drop a line or inquire about accommodation and boat tour specials as well.  We look forward to your company in Okarito!

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