Royal Spoonbills

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The Royal Spoonbills are our favorites! They are animated birds, usually in groups as they are quite sociable, unlike the white heron which is far more territorial.  You can often view them at close quarters these days as we enter the Okarito River channel, just before going into the rainforest.  A group of usually five have taken up a particular tree washed down the river in a flood as their resting area between tides and feeding.  They tend to be habitual birds, so hopefully we will continue to see this group throughout the summer months.

Royal Spoonbills at Okarito River

Royal Spoonbills at Okarito River

The weather here on the coast has been spectacular these past few days, and although we may have a wet spell tomorrow, the rest of the week is looking fine.

The flax flowers are becoming much more apparent and, being a predominant food source for the tui’s, these birds are really putting on some shows in the forest for us with their fast flying manoevres and complex calls.  They actually have two voice boxes and can make sounds too high pitched for us to even hear.  Tui’s breed in September and October and some of the young should be getting ready to test their wings.

You can see the best of both wading and forest birds on our two hour Nature Tours – hope to see you soon!

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